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For Car Fans

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34 years ago Depeche Mode’s “People Are People” was written by Martin Gore, but the dancy, pop feel of the song may be credited to Alan Wilder.

Alan wrote the B-side “In Your Memory”. Both songs got extended remixes, the “Different Mix” and the “Slik Mix” (although the “In Your Memory” mix is often incorrectly called the “Slick Mix”). It was one of the first songs recorded for the album ‘Some Great Reward’ when sessions began at the Hansa Mischraum studio in January 1984.

The Clive Richardson-directed “People Are People” video was released in 2 versions. The original video was made for the single version, but an alternate video was made with the “Differen t Mix”. The music video featured footage of various military scenes from the War, mixed with footage of the band aboard the HMSBelfast The “Different Mix” video appears on Some Great Videos (origanally on VHSvideo)

Despite “People Are People“‘s success, Martin Gore considers it as one of his least favourite songs. He prefers his songs to have subtle metaphors to allow people to find their own meanings to his songs and feels “People Are People” does not fit that description.

It has not been played live since 1988

Highest Chart Peakings: #1 Germany

Silver Awarded Nov”13 UK

Gold Awarded Nov|13 US


VCMG [Martin Gore & Vince Clarke] Release Reunion/Project Album ‘Ssss’ 12|3|2012

Highest Chartpeaks:#10 US Dance/Electronics & #21 Germany

An EP titled Spock was released on 30 November 2011. Their second EP, “Single Blip”, was released on 20 February 2012 and a third EP, “Aftermaths” was released on 20 August 2012.


Release Depeche Mode’s debut single ‘Dreaming Of Me | Icemachine’ 20|02|1981

“Dreaming of Me” was recorded at Blackwing Studios London & written by Vince Clarke. There is no official 12 inch but the cd’s have 2 different versions (Fade Away & Cold ending). The B-Side, “Ice Machine,” is similarly available in a fading version, and one with a cold end. Due to a ‘poor’ chart placement in the UK (#57), “Dreaming of Me” did not originally appear on Speak and Spell, but did show up in the CD re-release as a bonus track. A live version of “Ice Machine” (recorded during the Some Great Reward Tour) is available on the 12” version of the 1984 single “Blasphemous Rumours.”

Highest Chart Peaking was 30 years after “Dreaming of Me” original release, caused by a flash mob action in Germany and entered the singles charts for the very first time at #45 

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